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To Make Your Next Launch, Your BEST Launch

Mapping out the steps and writing all the copy to launch, or RE-launch your product or service can be a daunting, frustrating, stressful and time consuming task.

It doesn't have to be.

With me by your side, you'll stay on track, move forward fast and avoid the confusion, doubt and uncertainty that often comes from going it alone.

Your next launch won't be an, Oh No! but instead, OMG Awesome!

How Can You Help Me Make My Next Launch Epic?

The Launch Copy Doctor is In!

Say, what?

No, I'm not referring to Dr. Who, although having a TARDIS would be cool.

Remember Star Wars? Most people know that Carrie Fisher was the actor that played Princess Leia.  What most DON'T know is that she was also a highly sought after and talented Script Doctor. (Google  it- it's really a thing!)

As a Script Doctor, Princess Leia, uh, I mean Carrie, would take a script that someone else had already written and tweak or fix the copy to make it better. In many cases, she actually rewrote much of the script.

As a Launch Copy Doctor, that's what I can do with your Launch Copy. I will first talk with you to learn about you, your avatar, niche, product and goals before ever touching a single piece of your copy. Only after this conversation, will I look at and begin the process of improving, tweaking or re-rewriting your copy.

Together, we will make your Launch Copy - and the results of your next launch, out of this world!



Fast Track Your Launch with PLF Strategy and Copy Coaching

Want to fast-track your launch? No matter where you are in the process, I can help you leap forward, fast!

Serious about this stuff? Then apply to my high-end, concierge style, 1-1 Co-Pilot Coaching program, and if you qualify, I will be your personal co-pilot for PLF strategy and launch copy. I will challenge you. Guide you. Hold you accountable and be your biggest cheerleader. I'll even help you tweak the copy you write so when it's deployed, you'll have the confidence to know it's great! Prepare to Launch!

Not ready for 1-1 coaching? No problem! There are other ways we can work together.

Join the waiting list to be part of one of these other, exceptional programs:

Have you taken a stab at your copy, have a launch plan in mind, but just want some help to make sure you're on the right track and to refine your copy so you can get launched?

Then the 3-day, in person, Launch Copy Co-Pilot small group workshop is for you.

Come in with your launch plan outline and copy drafts and walk out with a launch blueprint and polished copy. It's intense. We work hard. But if you do your part, you'll walk away clear minded, confident and with a workable launch plan and polished copy so you can get your product launched!

Is the group stuff just not your thing? I get it. Maybe you just want a concentrated burst of 1-1 time to clear the cobwebs, wipe away confusion, get a second opinion about your strategy and to smarten up your copy.

If so, a Customized VIP Co-Pilot Experience is for you.  Your VIP day is completely personalized, based on what you want to accomplish. We can work together virtually via Zoom, or you can travel to Washington State and spend the day with me personally, as we work on your project.

You can choose from one 6-hour VIP day or a package of two, 6-hour VIP days. I work around your schedule and we literally cram as much as possible into the time we have together.

Do you want to brainstorm ways to turn your passion into a business? Cool. Need some help nailing your niche or refining your avatar? I can't wait, I love that stuff. Need help creating your launch plan? We can do it! Looking for some help to create your killer offer, coming up with bonuses, writing your sales page? Bring it on! You're the VIP. I can't wait to hear what you have in mind! 

And for a select few: apply to join us in the Co-Pilot Launch Club Mastermind.

For those who qualify, this is an amazing opportunity to be part of a truly exceptional group of entrepreneurs. A safe place, where you can rub elbows with, learn alongside and crowd-source ideas with successful copywriters, course creators, coaches and subject matter experts, all with the goal in mind to serve others, build their business, make a difference, earn a great living and to do it on their terms. Launchers.


Done for You Launch Copywriting

Get your copy written fast!

Although my main focus is on coaching, consulting and 'copy doctoring' (yes, I sort of made that last term up.) I do accept a very limited number of copywriting projects each year.

If you are looking for a seasoned product launch copywriter who understands and can implement Jeff Walker's Product Launch Formula strategies...

...if you plan to FOLLOW the PLF process in your launch, and if your launch is scheduled more than 90 days in the future, I may be the copywriter you're looking for.

Let's talk.

Every program and workshop is designed around you and for you, so that you can get the very best results in the shortest amount of time, with the least amount of stress.

Because after all, didn't you decide to get into this whole online launch thing so you could earn a great income, make a difference in the world, have more time to do the things that matter and enjoy and low stress lifestyle?

Embrace the #Launchlife. Let's make your next launch your best launch ever!


And, just in case you're worried about having to work with some know-it-all, stuffy guru type... don't.

I take my work with you seriously, give you my full attention, but make the whole process, low stress and fun.

I work with coaches and course creators that want to use bullet proof, time tested, proven PLF strategies and compelling copy, to grow their business and sell their 'stuff'.

I also work directly with professional copywriters who are taking on PLF clients, and who are committed to getting stellar results. Pros that see the value in working with someone who is an expert in both PLF strategies and copywriting.

We all need a second set of eyes. A Co-Pilot, if you will.

If you're serious about your business and willing to do what it takes to get it launched...

...Or, ready to re-launch, only this time with a guide that can help you to massively improve your results...

Don't wait another minute. Now is your time.



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