Hi, I'm Lana.

Hello, I’m Lana Reid Waters.

I’m a copywriter, brand and marketing coach, magazine publisher, 'product launcher' and launch strategist who loves to coach and to write launch and sales copy.

A lot of my friends call me the Avatar Whisperer (I’m pretty good at helping people to define, clarify and fine-tune their avatar).)

My first PLF launch was a massive and utterly epic failure – and that’s exactly why you should hire me!

But first,…



In a past life, I was a corporate trainer and coach, marketer, project manager and customer service manager. When my first son was born, the IT company I worked for at the time, graciously offered me the opportunity to work from home. My ‘make your own schedule, work from home job’ quickly turned into a 12-hour, 5-night a week grind, where I managed all manner of freaky and wild after hours emergent issues for a very large client base.

By night (all night, every night), I was the calm in the storm. The ultimate fixer of major disasters - or as my co-workers called me, the Princess of Darkness. By day, I was a momma to two incredibly energetic little boys.

My kids and I spent our days' beachcombing, camping in the back yard, playing at the park and hiking in the woods, all while singing the ABCs and practicing math and spelling. Yes, you can practice math and spelling with your kids while carefully examining leaves, admiring bugs and holding one little guy by the hand as you make your way up the trail, all while carrying the youngest kid, the water bottles and the snacks!

It wasn’t too many years of zero sleep and non-stop nights and days for me, before I knew I had to make a change or remain ‘zombie mom’ as my kids started to call me.

With a knack and the passion for helping people to accomplish great things, and armed with a genuine love of marketing and entrepreneurship, I took advantage of every learning opportunity  I could find.

I took on volunteer and pro-bono work with local small business owners and in 2008, started my own business as an executive coach and marketing consultant…with a dash of strategic planning thrown in.

In 2015, I saw something online about this guy named Jeff Walker, and not too long after that, became a PLF owner. With a proven track record for coaching small business owners to create and implement winning business plans and marketing campaigns that smashed sales goals, I was determined to create a course for small business owners that would allow me to help hundreds of people all over the world, instead of only a few at a time as a 1-1 coach.

Excited to build my course, and bring my winning coaching process to the masses, I joined a high-end mastermind group while at PLF Live 2015. This mastermind was made up of other people just like me (and probably like you too). People with legit skills and knowledge that not only wanted to monetize their ‘product’, but who wanted to make a difference. Many already had a product and had several successful, six-figure launches under their belt, but joined the mastermind to learn directly from Jeff and his high-level coaching staff so they could grow their businesses bigger, faster than they could otherwise do alone.

I found that I enjoyed helping my fellow group members to select and narrow their niches, drill down and clarify their avatars, think through their launch strategies and write their launch copy more than I enjoyed working on my own launch.

I spent many hours helping other people to launch their products and then tweak their copy for their subsequent launches. Launches that did very, very well!

Unfortunately, I didn’t put the same time and effort into my own product launch.. After all, I already knew what people in my niche wanted to buy, right?

Not so much.

Because I spent most of my time working on other peoples launches instead of my own, AND because I failed miserably in doing my own research, or to properly define my own niche or to clarify my own avatar, my first launch sold exactly…$0.


This massive failure could have been the end of my launch life, but in reality, it was just the beginning.

You see, by spending all of that time helping other people to succeed at launching their products, I discovered I had a real knack and love of the PLF process and of helping others to write their copy and to launch their products.

And, my own launch failure taught me valuable lessons that money simply can’t buy.

My 2nd launch closed cart at $147,981.24.

Launch and learn!

For the past five years, I’ve continued to hone my copywriting skills and am a certified Ray Edwards International copywriter. I’ve continued to learn and to grow on my launch journey and I now write copy for successful, well established online marketers and coach others to turn their launch dreams into successful businesses.

It took some time and a lot of ‘pivots’, but I found my thing. I love to help people just like you, to market and sell your products and services - sell a lot of them.

Although I spent ten years in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, my country roots are strong and I now live a quiet, down to earth, simple life in my home town.

My office is generally the back patio of my house, where I have a stunning view of the hills and mountains that surround my home in central Washington state  – and of the Mustangs, free-range chickens, cats, dogs and one old pygmy goat that roam my property.

I prefer the quiet nickering of my horses, the barely audible whoosh… the wind makes as it slowly moves through tall treetops, the salty smell of sea air and, slap…slap…slap, of waves on a deserted beach as the tide slowly rolls in on a moonlit summer night, over the relentless, chaotic, noise of the city.

Harmony in words is much like harmony in nature. It’s about natural balance. Great copy connects with the reader on an emotional level. Almost visceral. Copy in harmony with your perfect client leads them to a natural conclusion. To take some kind of action.

Great copy helps your perfect client to instinctively know that your product or service is right for them, and that you are the one they want - no need, to buy from.

Compelling copy tells a story. It evokes emotion. It makes your audience feel as if you are talking just to them.

Copy in harmony with your perfect client builds lists and leads to goal smashing cart closes.

  • If you want to spend your time working in your business instead of writing copy.

  • If you have sales copy that is under-performing and you need a professional to sharpen it up to improve sales.

  • If you want the personal attention of a launch and copy coach that can help push past barriers and get your product out there and making sales…

We should talk.



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