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Great copy and launch strategy build email lists loaded with the kind of people who resonate with your message, are hungry for what you offer - all leading to a natural conclusion - a sale.

Done for you PLF copywriting, individual coaching and sales copy audits, all leading to sizzling hot cart closes.

Let me help you make your next launch, legendary.

 Transform Your Copy,

Electrify Your Launch...

Change the World!

Click below to access powerful copywriting and brand tactics that are used to launch and grow the most successful online businesses in the world… they can work for you, too.
  • Would you rather spend time working on your business and not writing copy?
  • Do you struggle to write product launch copy that produces the kind of cart smashing results that you deserve, even crave?
  • Or would you like help and guidance with PLF launch strategy - the kind of personal attention and coaching that will take your business from under-whelming confusion to harmony in motion?

You deserve to crush your next launch.

I can help you make it happen!


Hi. I’m Lana Reid Waters.

I’m a copywriter, business and marketing coach, magazine publisher, 'product launcher' and launch strategist who loves to write compelling email, launch and sales copy and to help people have epic launches!

My office is generally the back patio of my house, where I have a stunning view of the hills and mountains that surround my home in central Washington state  – and of the Mustangs, free-range chickens, cats, dogs and one old pygmy goat that roam my property.


Harmony in words is much like harmony in nature. It’s about natural balance. Great copy connects with the reader on an emotional level. Almost visceral. Copy in harmony with your perfect client leads them to a natural conclusion.

Great copy helps your perfect client to instinctively know that your product or service is right for them, and that you are the only one they want - no need, to buy it from.

Compelling copy tells a story. It evokes emotion. It makes your audience feel as if you are talking just to them.

Copy in harmony with your perfect client builds lists and leads to goal smashing cart closes.

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"I’ve known Lana for quite some time now, and I’ve hired her to write copy for me. She’s a great person… and she’s a solid copywriter. I recommend her!"

Ray Edwards
A-list copywriter, author

"When it comes to nailing down an idea, figuring out a niche and then writing the copy to attract the perfect client, you can't do better than Lana. She knows her stuff. She's one of the first people I consult when I need to develop an idea more fully or am looking for feedback on my content."

Tracie Shroyer
Online Business Strategist -

"Lana is a natural teacher and gifted coach with an amazing combination of insight, wisdom, and compassion. From Product Launch copywriting, Branding, Niche and Avatar refinement to Improving your Existing Copy. If you need help with your business, you cannot go wrong with Lana."

Joan Pollock
Certified Health Coach

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